Changing transmission & rear differential oil in BMW R1200GS

James Pratt and Bill Dragoo put together a video recently showing how to change the transmission and rear differential oil on James’ 2009 BMW R1200GS Adventure.  Bill had recently completed the service on his bike and he shows James how to do the work on his nearly identical bike.

BMW R1200GSA transmission and rear differential change from James Pratt on Vimeo.


  1. James Russell says

    Nicely done video.

    I am sure after viewing it you see that you need better sound control, two mikes or a boom mike with handler. I appreciate your making how-to videos and while I don’t ride a BMW I look forward to many more of your instructional videos as we can all learn something from them.

    Perhaps a mention in your magazine about your website and these videos would be helpful. I only found this site after I purchased all the issues of your magazine last month and noticed the website on the cover.

    As with the tire changing video I suggest a pretty girl/woman assistant or co-host. Guys like it better. Gals like to see that other women can do mechanical things too. Not scantily dressed but cute work clothing is always better than frumpy, greasy or dirty.

    Just my 2c

  2. Carl says

    Nice video but you overfilled the final drive. The service manual calls for 220ML (NOT 225!) up through the 2009 models. 2010 and later actually went down to 180ML. Do your homework! Overfilling the FD is NOT a good thing!

  3. alan says

    Excellent video. thanks for the info. I have a newly aquired 2005 r1200gs. my first experence with bmw bikes. thanks again alan

  4. uccio says

    grazie per il video,ma vorrei sapere le quantita di olio per la trasmissione centrale ,è quella finale…anche la viscosita dell’olio..grazie

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